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Our Process

Restaurant Patio Shade Sails
Tension Shade Structures
Designing Shade Sails
Designing Shade Sails
Designing Shade Sails
Designing Shade Sails
Fabricating steel for shade structure
powdercoating shade structure posts
Excavation for shade flower stems
Shade Sails posts
Planting steel shade sails posts
shade sails designs
Planning and Design

For the initial consultation, our owner believes in a face-to-face meeting, so he can view your site while listening attentively to your shade needs. Once he understands your concerns: additional shade at certain times of day, shade over certain play equipment, shade over pool area, etc., he determines how best to meet your needs. Analyzing the area to be covered, possible attachment points, and excavation conditions, he takes photos and measurements. 



















































Next, he submits all information to our design team where they use Google Earth's geographic positioning to map the site. Then they copy the Google Earth image into CAD, thus determining the site's exact position in relation to true north. 

Once we establish positioning, our designers draw a mock structure according to measurements taken at the site. Uploading the mock structure dimensions into a secondary design program brings forward a visual rendering and necessary calculations from panels, dips, heights, etc. Information gained here is transfered back to CAD where we can now determine the sun's path and shadows it will cast over the site at certain times/certain days throughout the year. Knowing this detailed information allows us to design the best shade option for our customer.

When the customer accepts the proposal, we move forward with the permit process, engaging our architectural and structural engineering departments. 

Using triple-coated galvanized steel for additional corrosion protection, we fabricate the steel accordingly. Once complete, we begin our precise powdercoating process with a technical thermal spray application. When posts are ready, we excavate the area, pour concrete, and plant all posts. 

Shade-Guard designs are customized, stamped and sealed by licensed architects and engineers, and completed in our St. Louis-based factory. We use no subcontractors, which guarantees you personal service from the design stage through final installation. 

Assembly and Installation

Returning to the site once posts are planted, we take exact site measurements which are uploaded into our secondary design program to produce our fabric patterns. Once the fabric is rolled out and cut, it is transferred to the sewing tables. After sails are sewn and strung, final preparation for sail installation is underway. After marking sails correctly for installation, our team moves to the site and insures proper tensioning of sails. 

measuring shade fabric
Shade Sails at Baiku Sushi Lounge

End Result: Complete Customer Satisfaction

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