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Specialty Projects

Purple Coneflower- Missouri indigenous flower

Although technically all our designs are customized, we are most known for our innovative flower structures. Shade-Guard partnered with Brightside St. Louis, and consulted with SWT Landscape Architects, to design and fabricate totally unique structures for Brightside’s Demonstration Garden. Keeping with the Brightside focus of beautifying neighborhood green spaces while promoting native plants, we designed facsimiles of the purple coneflower, a prolific native Missouri plant.

For Brightside, each of the three flower structures are 16-feet-tall x 23-feet-wide with eight daisy-like purplish petals and large, coppery-orange cones. For all flower projects, Shade-Guard uses flat bar steel which is rolled, hot-dipped galvanized, and thermal sprayed. With excellent shade factor, the claret shade cloth will keep residents and tourists comfortable while visiting this gorgeous community garden situated within St. Louis’s famed Southwest Garden Neighborhood. 


Over the course of the past few years, we've received calls from as far away as Australia regarding our flowers. Most recently, we installed our trademark project in the kita at Shirlee Green Preschool of Shaare Emeth in Creve Coeur, Missouri, and within Greenwood Park in Hayward, California. 


We look forward to brightening your neighborhood with our unique custom flowers!

Greenwood Park, Hayward, CA Flowers
Greenwood Park, Hayward, CA Flowers
Shirlee Green Preschool Shade Flower
Greenwood Park, Hayward, CA Flowers
Shirlee Green Preschool Shade Flower
Shirlee Green  Shade Flowe
Greenwood Park, Hayward, CA Flowers
Now check out our Brightside St. Louis creative process!
Brightside St Louis Demonstration Garden before flower shade structures
Brightside St Louis Demonstration Garden planning for flower shade structures


Fabrication of shade flowers

After individual petals were formed through a special rolling process, we began assembling each of the three frames.

Fabrication of shade flower domes

Next, we cut and welded our steel to form the domes.

Sewing of shade flowers

When our testing was successful, we measured, cut, and sewed all 24 petals and three dome covers.

Fabrication of shade flower petals

Here, we created shade cloth templates for our petals and domes to insure accuracy and functionality.

Thermal powdercoating

Once all galvanizing complete, we began the precise thermal spray process.

Brightside St Louis excavation

After months of off-site labor, we are ready to pour the concrete.

Shade-Guard digging for shade post

Excavation day for our humongous stems!

Shade-Guard shade posts install

When site preparation was complete, the crane lifted our massive stems into the ready sonotubes.

Shade-Guard shade flower assembling

Installation Day! Onsite assembling of flowers.

Shade-Guard shade flower shade

Goal realized: tremendous, comfortable shade!

Shade-Guard shade flower dome

Dome adds finishing touch.

Shade-Guard shade flower assembly

Carefully loading petals to eventually sit atop stem.

Shade-Guard custom shade flowers Brightside St. Louis


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