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Protective Post Pads

post pads for shade sails

An excellent addition for customers desiring extra protection for active children, Shade-Guard’s durable pole pads are designed and fabricated with our same attention to quality and precision. Using a variety of waterproof fabrics (Patio 500, Architent Showtime II, and Weblon Coastline), our pole pads are flame, UV, and mildew resistant to ensure maximum protection.



  • Two-inch foam thickness

  • Four-feet height standard (customized sizes available)

  • Beveled cut with mitar cut on corners

  • Double Velcro for secure, snug 

  • Lifetime warrantied Gore Tenara® thread

  • Wide selection of fabric colors

Fabricating post pads
Fabricating post pads
Fabricating Post pads

We also make protective pads

and mats for gyms and ballfields ! 

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