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Stretch Tents

   We are thrilled to partner with Freeform Tents direct from South Africa! 


Credited with the original stretch tent, Freeform designs and fabricates coated waterproof tents that offer a cost-effective, stylish alternative to traditional event tents. With a variety of dynamic shapes and colors, these gorgeous waterproof tents will add pizzazz to any event. Passing stringent quality control measures, Freeform tents are compliant with American fire and safety standards and carry multi-year warranties. 


Fabric Features


  • 100% Waterproof

  • Perfect stretch

  • Purpose developed durable polymeric coating

  • High tenacity substrate

  • Anti-microbial treatment

  • UV stabilizers

  • Teflon treated

  • Machine Washable

  • Easily repaired without compromising waterproofing

  • Easily branded

  • Welded and taped seams for guaranteed strength and waterproofing

  • Compliant with International fire and safety standards

  • Available in a range of colors and in two-tones (Color top / white underside)

Freeform stretch rental tent
Freeform Stretch rental tent
Freeform stretch rental tent
Freeform stretch rental tent
Civil Life Brewery Tent
St. Louis Civil Life patio tent
Preparing a tent for rental
Shade-Guard tent rental
Shade-Guard tent rental

Freeform Logo photos courtesy of Freeform 

Whether you're interested in renting or purchasing our tents, we guarantee an excellent return on your investment! 


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